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                   Do  you have the Austin Apartment Broken Lease Blues...Well...CHEER UP!  We can Help!    

We have a ton of Austin Apartments that will work with a broken lease for an extra deposit                    
Here is the deal in a nut shell, Austin Apartments don't hang out signs saying they will accept a broken lease, even if you happen to find one of the few that will, all they may say to you is they don't know till you apply, the downside to this is........ THAT MAY BE THE SAME THING that apartments that wont work with a broken lease will tell you too. Sometimes it seems that some apartments make money on application fees!


We have at least 14 Apartment Properties that will work with a Broken Lease, there are many different factors that determine which property is right for you. Some factors are who was your broken lease with? We don't want to attempt to lease you at a "sister property" of the one where you broken lease was at,

Another factor is how long ago your broken lease happened, as well as how much do they say you owe NOW, not when it happened. Folks can be stunned to find out the amount they owe has doubled or worse due to fees, interest rates and surcharges, so you need to know HOW MUCH THEY SAY YOU OWE NOW.

Have you rented since then? From a private owner or an apartment complex?

How long have you been on the job?

We view the process a lot like a giant puzzle! As you give us more and more info , we begin to see what properties would match your situation!

     We work for you! Tell us everything, we can help!

           Be prepared to pay an EXTRA DEPOSIT

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          Below are SIX of the Apartments!

Evictions or Broken leases are ok with good job!
  Application Fee's!

  Call (512) 944-RENT
Austin Apartments for Rent with a BANKRUPTCY or a Broken Lease - We can help you with a broken lease or eviction!
hAVE A BROKEN LEASE?  Just come into our office for FREE HELP!
North Austin Close to HEB, will work with ONE BROKEN LEASE
Real Granite!  Broken lease ok here!
Affordable Second Chance Apartment in North Austin!
Beautiful Austin Apartments that includes cable! Bad credit accepted!
Antoehr second chance apartment communty in Austin TX
Great location 1, 2  & 3 Bedrooms available!
  Beautiful NEWER Apartment North Austin                                                    Real Granite close to MoPac
Wells Branch Easy Living! Second Chances here!                                              How About FREE HBO?
                        ALL above apartments WILL accept a broken lease!

                                  WE HAVE MANY MORE!

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